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Facebook is the BP of privacy.

May 14, 2010

facebook: our business is mining your own businessUsers are to Facebook as the Gulf Coast is to BP.

Both are viewed by the corporations as mere raw materials from which the corporations can extract their products — your private data or crude oil — to sell them for maximized profit.

Both corporations will lie and otherwise behave recklessly until their deliberately minimized security systems fail and spill their products — your private data or crude oil — into the environment.

And neither corporation will be able to clean up the resulting mess.


A Modest Proposal for Addressing Illinois’ Budget Woes

May 14, 2010

Ok, how’s this for a meaningful revenue idea:

1. We strip the Lieutenant Governor’s office of ALL of its authority.

2. We make the Attorney General the next in succession.

3. And then we lease — in four year terms — the naming rights to be Lieutenant Governor of Illinois.

All of the major players in Springfield want to do away with the Lieutenant Governor office.  But why throw away an asset when you can sell it.  Like tollways and parking meters, let’s turn the office over to the highest bidder and pocket the cash.

SLC wants to be LtGov? How much you got?

Christopher Kennedy wants to use it as a political launching pad? Let’s see your check.

United Airlines has more money than sense? Let ‘em out bid AT&T.

We’ve got this thing, Illinois, and it’s f’cking golden!  Let’s not give it up for f’ckin’ nothing.

It’s time to think outside the box.

It’s time to lease the Illinois Lieutenant Governors office.

– MrJM